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Ear Candling

Geelong Ear Candling

  • 45 minutes
  • Relax - Let go - Revitalise
  • $49.00 and the treatment takes about 50-60 minutes

An ancient Native American that are carefully made by hand with organic herbs, essential oils, linen, pure beeswax and honey.

They are lit, and then gently placed in the outer ear. The flame creates a gentle warm air flow that is very relaxing.

  • The ear candles we use are the only ones currently available with a filter.
  • All Australian made and owned ear candling supplier.
  • Relaxing and enhancing to general well-being.
  • Excellent for travellers (especially people flying).
  • Suitable for all age groups, not forgetting young children.

Ear Candling treatment includes pressure point sinus and lymphatic massage of face, and candling of both ears.

Intensely soothing, Native American Indian relaxation music is played to further enhance your relaxation.

Contraindications preventing ear candling treatment

  • presence of a perforated eardrum or tympano stomy tube implants, including “grommets”.
  • inflammation of the ear, or skin disease in and around the ear.
  • please raise any possible problem and/ or concerns with therapist prior to treatment or speak to your G.P.


Geelong ear candling, free parking. Relax and no stress.

Please call 0455 376 782 to make an appointment. Please note that no online booking service is available at this point, this also includes booking enquiries via email. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

MON: closed/pre-arranged appointment only
TUE: 10am-7pm, later by appointment
WED/THU/FRI: 10am-late
SAT: 9am-late afternoon
SUN: closed/pre-arranged appointment only

Salon booking and cancellation policy
We appreciate and require a minimum of 24 hours notice if you need to cancel or postpone your treatment; our answering machine is on 24 hours a day, phone or text 0455 376 782. You book an appointment time that requires time and service of a therapist. Common courtesy to cancel/rebook with sufficient notice is appropriate. Constant 'no show' appointments will need to pre-pay all future appointments. Clients who are very late for the booked appointment time, need to be re-booked. This has a follow-on effect to the next clients who are on time, disrupting their schedule. Please arrive 5 minutes before appointment time to complete any consultation forms and to prepare in treatment room for treatment. We are a small business that relies on being fair.