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Ear Piercing

  • 15 minutes: $29.00

The safe and hygienic completely disposable system with no needles used.

Great choice of studs, including mini studs with wide range of colours and birthstones for little ears.

A complete treatment with no hidden cost includes piercing of both ear lobes, choice of ear studs (pair) professional aftercare solution spray and instructions.

The treatment is completed by an experienced therapist, in having done over 15 year of ear piercing. This gives peace of mind and professionalism.

We are happy to do all age groups, including children and babies.


  • Long hair to be tied/ pinned back.
  • Clean ear lobes.
  • Encourage the ear lobe area to not be touched (this prevents infection flare-ups).
  • Positive and happy thoughts are a key: always try to avoid use words like pain, ouch, blood, etc. Instead, as a guide, focus on positives like "the earrings will be so pretty," or "how lucky you are to have your ears pierced."

Contraindications for ear piercings (prevention for ear piercing procedure)
In order for us to pierce your ears, you acknowledge that you are not suffering from any infectious disease, haemophilia, keloid scars, cysts, diabetes, swelling or any skin irritation where the piercing is to occur. Also, that you are not at any blood thinning medication. You will disclose any medical concerns prior to treatment.

Please call 0455 376 782 to make an appointment.

MON: closed/pre-arranged appointment only
TUE: 10am-7pm, later by appointment
WED/THU/FRI: 10am-late
SAT: 9am-late afternoon
SUN: closed/pre-arranged appointment only

Salon booking and cancellation policy
We appreciate and require a minimum of 24 hours notice if you need to cancel or postpone your treatment; our answering machine is on 24 hours a day, phone or text 0455 376 782. You book an appointment time that requires time and service of a therapist. Common courtesy to cancel/rebook with sufficient notice is appropriate. Constant 'no show' appointments will need to pre-pay all future appointments. Clients who are very late for the booked appointment time, need to be re-booked. This has a follow-on effect to the next clients who are on time, disrupting their schedule. Please arrive 5 minutes before appointment time to complete any consultation forms and to prepare in treatment room for treatment. We are a small business that relies on being fair.